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How Does Timesharing Work


Why Buy a Timeshare?

Have you ever considered for your next vacation accommodation to rent or buy a timeshare?

At VTS Points you can buy timeshares for anywhere in the world, and in some cases at less than 80% than the resort sells for.  We make it easy to buy a timeshare or sell timeshare and provides all the information for you to make an educated decision to buy a timeshare your next vacation accommodation - a reality.

You can buy beach timeshare, a timeshares in the mountains, lake timeshares, or any timeshare property you could dream of.

While starting the process you may want to research resorts that work for you.

One suggestion would be to rent timeshare before you buy, so you can get the feel of the resort before owning.

Once you've started the process you will see VTS Points has a large inventory and are here to help you with any of your questions.  As well as help you find the timeshare rental or timeshare resale in the area and week you are searching for.

Timeshare Resales

By purchasing a timeshare resale (timeshares for sale by owner) on the secondary market, you can save as much as 70% OFF the price of purchasing that same timeshare directly from a resort or vacation club.


Start a family tradition with vacations and memories that last a lifetime.  VTS Points allows you to enjoy special family moments year after year.  Launch a fishing expedition or join in some world class water sports.  Whether you are visiting an island coast, or skiing from a mountainside resort, the excitement of a time share ownership never ends.

Travel the world for an affordable price.  Timeshare packages can be a perfect way to find places that suit your family's lifestyle. 

A fixed week ownership is the most typical type of ownership.  This allows you to the consistency of staying at the same luxury resort, during the same season.  This pre-planned vacation comes without the hassles of organizing a hotel reservation, having to over pack for a long stay. 

Timeshare suites are built with your comfort in mind.  Designed for livability, each apartment is complete with fully-equipped kitchens, and everything you need for a comfortable week is included. 

Every year you can experience new sightseeing excursions, or experience the restaurant you missed last year, or the attraction that you didn't have time to see.  Revisit old favorites and explore uncharted sites with the reliability of a timeshare.

Today's vacation property can streamline your valuable time and allow more space for family dinners and snorkeling adventures.  Take your time with shell and rock hunting, or even visit the unique tourist favorites that you make have overlooked.  Whether it's relaxing and roasting marshmallows or taking a day golfing or kayaking, these memories will be enjoy forever.

Why not begin today?

Invest some fun in your life and discover how easy and affordable buying a timeshare can be.


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