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Timeshare Vacation Ownership
Year Round Value With Exceptional Benefits!

Great Vacations!  Great Values!

More than 7 million people enjoy vacation ownership annually.  As one of the most highly regulated products on the market, vacation ownership fits the lifestyle of families worldwide because it offers a variety of convenient, high quality opportunities.

More Bang for Your Buck

Millions of families worldwide get more out of their vacation dollars by paying only for the time they want.  So when they take their vacation time, they can say goodbye to cramped hotel rooms without bedrooms and kitchens, and say hello to spacious, condo like accommodations with fabulous resort amenities.

It’s Your Vacation Time, Use It

Time Share Vacation ownership comes with a wide variety of exchange options.  With an Interval membership, the many ways to exchange offer the flexibility to trade a week or use points for a week in another incredible location – even at a different time of year!  Whatever your budget, with vacation ownership you can afford spectacular, unforgettable vacations in style, every year.

The World Is Your Playground

When you have an Interval International affiliated resort points, you will have a world of vacations from which to choose.  You’ll have access to Interval’s Quality Vacation Exchange Network®, offering 100's of resorts in more than 75 countries around the globe.  How’s that for a wide selection?

bullet VI points can also be exchanged through RCI, Interval International, and Dial an Exchange
bullet You are in control of your vacations once again, not the timeshare company.


Lake Tahoe Sierra Nevada California Nevada

Vacation ownership makes it possible to enjoy life the way it’s meant to be lived ... seeing the world’s wonders and spending quality time with your family and friends.


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