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Timeshare Resales FAQ

What are Timeshares Resales?

Timeshares are a form of joint property ownership that enable individuals to own a set amount time (typically a week) in luxury resort accommodations each year.  You can become a timeshare owner for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a vacation home. 

A time share resale is simply a one which is being sold by the current owner, rather than by the resort, usually at a price lower than the time share's original retail value.

What are Points and Vacation Clubs?

Vacation clubs are a type of points based ownership (often referred to as a membership).  Instead of a set resort week or interval, members receive an annual allotment of usage points that they can exchange for vacation accommodations at resorts within the club's network.

Point values for each night at a resort are assigned based on the popularity of the resort and location, the season, and the size of the suite.  The more in demand a resort week is, the more points it is "worth".

Points based ownership allows for more flexible usage options, allowing you to book vacations for a shorter or longer period (or in a smaller or larger unit) than the traditional week long timeshare interval.

Vacation club memberships can be bought and sold on the resale market, since membership is guaranteed with a legal deeded or right-to-use contract (see below) that can be transferred to a new owner.

How is the "Market Value" determined for Resales?

Pricing varies depending on a variety of factors, including but not limited to:

bullet the time of year (season)
bullet location
bullet resort amenities
bullet size of the unit
bullet unit amenities
bullet and market demand

If you already own a timeshare and are curious about its current resale value, please contact me for an appraisal.

What are Time Share Maintenance Fees?

A maintenance fee is a mandatory fee that the resort management company or homeowners association charges its owners.  This fee most often covers property taxes, utilities, insurance, and maintenance expenses including beautification of the unit and property. Maintenance fees are generally levied on annual basis, however, certain resorts may levy them monthly or biennially.  If you purchase a resale time share, you will be expected to pay all maintenance fees and dues.


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