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About VTS Timeshare Points for Sale

John Hobbs is a licensed real estate company operating since 1984 in Washington State.

He specializes in buying and selling Vacation Internationale time share contracts.  We have over 30 years experience in the time share industry with the last 11 dedicated to buying and selling Vacation Internationale contracts.

John do not charge any upfront fees to sell your timeshare.  Should your timeshare meet our requirements we will buy your timeshare outright.  No more maintenance fees ever.

John Hobbs has an excellent working relationship with Vacation Internationale and are located within 8 miles of their headquarters to make transferring ownership very easy and affordable.  No outrageous escrow fees ever.  We are honest and will advise you the best way to proceed on your timeshare investment.

Selling a Timeshare?  Please call us to talk about your investment.

bullet Did your marriage situation change?
bullet Was their a death in the family?
bullet Do you not use your timeshare anymore?

Things change and we realize that and that’s why we are here to help you.  We can’t help you unless you call us now.  Call our toll free number now so that we can help you.


Vacation Internationale (VI) Resales and Rentals

Industry leading Vacation Internationale, founded in 1974, was the timeshare company that pioneered the "points based" concept with regards to vacation ownership.

With 45 resorts in 3 countries and 33,000 satisfied owners, Vacation Internationale is the world's largest owner controlled timeshare company.  From its beginnings with a single resort in Hawaii, Vacation Internationale timeshare owners can now enjoy the flexibility of traveling among 10 resorts in the Hawaiian islands ... head southward to the Mexican Pacific coast ... to New England for skiing and authentic Cape Cod seafood, and back to the Western border of North America to experience skiing at Whistler, California sunshine or the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona!


Your Vacation Internationale timeshare resale holds something for everyone - and ownership with VI will bring you adventures beyond your wildest dreams!



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