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How Does Timesharing Work


VI (Vacation Internationale)
VTS (Vacation Time Shares)
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Are you a vacationer who wants to rent or buy timeshare at up to 60% OFF retail?

If you are interested in buying a timeshare, then the ones I offer are the best value you will find anywhere.  I find it kind of amazing that people will go to a timeshare presentation and buy at prices at least 4 times what they could buy from me.  Plus I include points available (banked points) at NO extra cost & don't even charge transfer fees to the buyer.

Vacation Internationale Resales as of


VTS Points

Hrissikopoulos (SOLD) WFO166 130 Perpetuity June 30 260 $5,500

VTS Points

FYI ... All of our contracts have unused extra points from previous years, and are available now to use. 


Rodella WFP634 130 Perpetuity Sept 30 331 $5,600


105 2029 June 30 129 $2,250
Yenbut WFP461 164 Perpetuity June 30 373 $7,100


WFP633 80 6/30/2032 June 30 196 $2,400
Konda XEW225 120 Perpetuity June 30 177 $2,600

here is a list of recently sold timeshares
VTS Points

It is cheaper than a hotel room + you get a CONDO!

These units are not hotel rooms, but condos.  They have kitchens and 1 bedroom units also have a Murphy bed in the living room so can sleep 4 easily.

You can rent 1 week at a 1 bedroom unit in USA, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada or many other locations at VI Resorts for 15 points a night at $8 a point.  So that is ONLY $120 a night or $840 for a week at high season - and that is a condo unit with a kitchen, and not a hotel room! 

A studio unit would only be 11.5 points / night ... or 81 points for a week = $567 for a week.

Maui and Vallarta Torre in Mazatlan penthouse units are the most popular in the program

VTS Points

How VI Points and Timeshare Travel Works?

At most VI or Vacation Internationale resorts 105 points will give you 1 week / year - at high season - in a 1 bedroom unit. 

  • High Season (June - Dec)                 =  15 points / night
  • Mid Season  (April - May, Oct - Nov)  =  13 points / night
  • Low Season (Jan - March)                =  11 points / night

Two bedroom units cost 18.5 points a night for high season, 16 for mid-season and 13.5 for low season. So 130 points is the most popular ownership range for a two bedroom at high season. The other resorts works the same way except of course the seasons are different.

Furthermore, any of these contracts can be split to bring the owners points up to a level that is best for the buyer.  For example, if a prospective buyer had 77 points bought from the company ... they might want to buy another 28 points to get to where they can use a one bedroom unit, or else buy 53 more points to go to a two bedroom unit at high season.

Choose the location, season, length of stay and size of unit you want. 
You can reserve as little as 2 nights at a time.  No more having to use your timeshare during your designated week.  Take back your vacations with Vacation Internationale.  Travel where you want to go when you want to go with their fabulous flexible point program.  Use only the points you need and bank the rest for future use.

VI points can also be exchanged through RCI, Interval International, and Dial an Exchange
You are in control of your vacations once again, not the timeshare company.

VTS Points

Cost does not include this year & next year's maintenance fees paid by Seller. 

  • 2018 maintenance fees are $7.75 a point.
  • VI charges a transfer fee of $150 - not included in prices.

VTS Points

Our price for permanent points is just under $43 a point. That price includes 2017/2018 maintenance fees and unused points for which maintenance fees have been paid are included at no additional cost.  The VI retail price for permanent points is $166 a point, and mine include all available points and those the company sell do not include extra unused points.

  • So our price is less then 1/4th of retail !!!

VTS Points

Other Vacation Internationale (VI) time share contracts with an expiration date giving you from 16 to 20 years of use are also available.  These are priced at $22 - $30 a point including 2017 maintenance fees and many have additional points at no charge.

VTS Points


We sell discounted VI time shares for approximately ¼ of retail price, thus increasing your real estate value.  We know the VI system and can help you avoid re-sales mistakes.

We specialize in Vacation International time share contracts.  For over 10+ years we have been helping people just like yourselves sell their VI timeshare or acquire more VI points for sale.  There are 1,000's of satisfied Vacation Internationale owners that love to travel and like the VI point system.  You are not locked into a particular place or time.

Are you a Vacation Internationale owner who wants to sell or rent out your timeshare?

We have helped 100's of VI timeshare owners - just like you to sell or rent their timeshare.  Let me help you - my advice is FREE, and there is absolutely no obligation.  

Are you a vacationer who wants to rent or buy timeshare at up to 60% OFF retail?

Vacation Internationale Resorts are located in some of the most desirable vacation spots in America - including presentations and reviews with:

bullet Hawaiian Islands
bullet Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
bullet Palm Springs & Lake Tahoe California
bullet Steamboat Springs, Colorado
bullet Sun Valley, Idaho
bullet Sun River, Oregon
bullet Cypress Pointe, Florida

I buy timeshares time shares vts points

Vacation Internationale was founded in 1974 and became the pioneer in points-based timeshares, as well as an industry leader.  Beginning with 1 resort location in Hawaii, VI now has resorts in 3 countries, and offers a combination of exciting destinations and unique vacation experiences to its more than 42,000 owners.

Access the full portfolio of Vacation Internationale resorts from

I buy timeshares time shares vts points

(425) 949-7178  call John Hobbs today

We can help!  We have helped 100's of people sell their Vacation Internationale ("VI") discount timeshares that they no longer use.  We do not charge any exorbitant up front fees or any outrageous escrow services.  We are here to help answer any questions you may have about your timeshare resales program.  Please call us today so that we can save you money.






"Use Year" Definition

A “Use Year” is simply the date you will receive your POINTS each year.

A Use Year is when you purchase a contract, you are give a # of points per year; and a Use Year date - which is given at a particular month. 

The fact that it is often expressed as a month alone can confuse people.  But what it essentially means is that you get an allotment of points to use for reservations within the year that starts on the 1st of that month, and ends the day before the 1st day of that month a year later.

So, if you have a September Use Year and a 200 point contract, it means you have 200 points, to start with, that you can use between September 1st and August 31st the following year.


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